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10G XFP 300m MM LC

10G XFP 300m MM LC

10G Dual Fiber XFP 300m MM LC

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Product Details

10Gbase Dual Fiber XFP 300m MM LC

The ZD6AM39-DxL is compliant with the 10G Small Form-Factor Pluggable (XFP) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). It offers previously unavailable system cost, upgrade, and reliability benefits by virtue of being hot-pluggable. The ZD6AM39-DxL is a very compact 10Gb/s optical transceiver module for serial optical communication applications at 10Gb/s. The ZD6AM39-DxL converts a 10Gb/s serial electrical data stream to 10Gb/s optical output signal and a 10Gb/s optical input signal to 10Gb/s serial electrical data streams. The high speed 10Gb/s electrical interface is fully compliant with XFI specification and allows FR4 host PCB trace up to 200mm.


Product Features:
Supports 9.95Gb/s~11.3Gb/s bit rates
Transceiver unit with independent
Uncooled 850nm VCSEL laser diode transmitter and PIN photodiode receiver
Meet XFP MSA completely
Digital diagnostic monitoring
Metal enclosure for lower EMI
Duplex LC receptacle
XFP Mechanical Interface with bail latch for easy removal
LVTTL logic level Tx_Disable and Rx_LOS functions
Qualified to meet the intent of Bellcore reliability practices
3.3V power supply only
XFI loopback
Power consumption less than 1.5W
Links of 300m with OM3 MMF
Complies with RoHS directive(2002/95/EC)

Product Applications:
10GBASE-SR/SW 10G Ethernet
1200-Mx-SN-I 10G Fiber Channel

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