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2.125G 2*5 SFF MM LC

2.125G 2*5 SFF MM LC

2.125Gbps 2*5 SFF MM Duplex LC

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Product Details

2.125Gbps 2*5 SFF MM Duplex LC

Product Features
 SFF Multi-Mode Duplex LC Transceiver
 Industry Standard 2*5 footprint with LC Receptacle
 Compliant with SFF MSA-2000
 Transmitter 850nm VCSEL Laser and Receiver PIN+TIA
 Single +3.3 Power Supply
 LVPECL Differential Inputs and Outputs
 LVPECL or LVTTL Signal Detection Output is Optional
 Typical data rate 2.125Gbps
 Maximal reach 550m
 Comply with Telecordia(Bellcore) GR-468-CORE

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