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40G QSFP+ PSM IR4 Module

40G QSFP+ PSM IR4 Module

40G QSFP+ PSM IR4 Module

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Product Details

40G QSFP+ PSM IR4 Module

The ZKTel QSFP+ PSM IR4 ZAQ040-xxxC is a Four-Channel, Pluggable, Parallel, Fiber-Optic QSFP+ Transceiver for InfiniBand QDR/DDR/SDR,10G/8G/4G/2G fiber channel , PCIeand SAS Applications. The QSFP full-duplex optical module offers 4 independent transmit and receive channels, each capable of 10.3Gbps operation for an aggregate data rate of 40Gbps 1.4km using single mode fiber. These modules are designed to operate over single mode fiber systems using 1310nm FP laser array.An optical fiber ribbon cable with an MPO/MTPTM connector can be plugged into the QSFP module receptacle. QSFP+ PSM IR4 is one kind of parallel transceiver which provides increased port density and total system cost savings.


Product Features
 Four-channel full-duplex transceiver modules
 Transmission data rate up to 11.2Gbit/s per channel
 Up to 1.4km transmission of single mode fiber
 Low power consumption <2.5W,meet class 3
 Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C
 3.3V power supply voltage
 RoHS 6 compliant
 Hot Pluggable QSFP form factor
 Built-in digital diagnostic function
 Single Mode 8 fibers MPO(APC) connector receptacle

Product Applications
 InfiniBandQDR, DDR and SDR
 40G Ethernet
 Proprietary High Speed Interconnections
 Data center

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