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8.5Gb/s SFP+ 850nm 300m

8.5Gb/s SFP+ 850nm 300m

8.5Gb/s SFP+ 850nm 300m

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8.5Gb/s SFP+ 850nm 300m

ZKTel's ZD7AM38-DCL optical transceivers are designed for 8.5Gb/s serial optical interfaces for data communications with multimode fiber (MMF). The transceiver can support 2Gb/s to 8.5Gb/s. The transceiver designs are optimized for high performance and cost effective to supply customers the best solutions for datacom and storage applications.

Product Features
Hot pluggable
10Gb/s serial optical interface
VCSEL 850nm LD for the transmitter and PIN for the receiver
Up to 300m on 50/125um MMF(2000MHZ.KM)
Compliant with SFP+ MSA
SFP MSA package with duplex LC connector
Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface
Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection
High transmission margin
+3.3V single power supply
Below <1W power consumption
SFP mechanical interface
Wide data-rate range

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