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EPON ONU OSA -10℃-85℃

EPON ONU OSA -10℃-85℃


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Product Details

EPON ONU BIDI Optical Sub-Assembly -10℃-85℃

The BOSA is used for 1310nm Tx/1490(1480~1500nm) Rx 1.244Gbps/1.244Gbps Diplexer Optical Module BOSA consists of 1310 nm multi-quantum-well structured FP laser diode, a 1490 nm digital receiver integrated by a WDM filter. It is suitable for passive optical network transceiver in ONU equipment of FTTx systems.

Product Features
Single fiber bi-directional data links with symmetric.
FP 1310nm laser diode as 1.244Gb/s transmitter.
PD 1490nm with TIA and 1.244Gb/s post amplifier receiver.
Single mode fiber package with SC/UPC Pigtail.
Kink free P-I characteristics with high return loss.
RoHS compliant and lead-free.
Excellent Reliability
Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 85℃

Product Applications
Meets IEEE 802.3ah PX20+.
Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GE-PON) – ONU Transceiver.

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