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100G OTU-4 MSA CFP 10km

100G OTU-4 MSA CFP 10km

10km 100GbE and OTU-4 10x10 MSA CFP Module

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Product Details

10km 100GbE and OTU-4 10x10 MSA CFP Modul


The ZDCE10J-DCL leverages ZKTel’s expertise in successful production of highly reliable parallel DFB laser arrays for telecommunication applications. The transceiver incorporates a 10 channel laser driver circuit together with a 10 channel DML array coupled with an optical multiplexer. On the receiver side, an optical de-multiplexer is coupled with a 10 channel photodiode array and a 10 channel TIA array resulting in a compact transceiver module for an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gb/s over 10km of duplex SMF. The electrical interface is handled by a 10 channel Tx and Rx CDRs compliant with the CAUI interface. Mechanical dimensions, connectors and footprint of ZDCE10J-DCL conform to CFP MSA.

Functional Description:

The ZDCE10J-DCLtransceiver consists of an optical transmitter, optical receiver, control electronics, firmware and MDIO interface to host system for diagnostics, monitoring and control functions. The ZDCE10J-DCLtransceiver is designed to transmit and receive DC balanced data over duplex single-mode fiber. The transceiver’s pluggable, connectorized design enables end-users to provision bandwidth by upgrading line-card in the field.

The Transmitter takes in 10 electrical parallel data lanes at 10Gb/s each and converts the data to a 10 lane WDM bundle of 100Gb/s over duplex Single-Mode Fiber. The Transmitter includes CAUI compliant 10 lane CDR, DML laser drivers and associated electronic circuitry, a laser array chip consisting of 10 WDM DFB lasers, a 10 lane WDM multiplexer that combines the 10 laser wavelengths into a single mode waveguide, an isolator and a lens for coupling from the single mode waveguide to a single mode fiber; all of this in a hermetic package. The Transmitter is thermally managed at low temperatures to maintain the wavelengths within the wide WDM lane widths. The laser bias currents as well as laser modulation currents are controlled internally. The high speed differential pairs are AC coupled inside the transceiver module.

Product Features:

Up to 10km transmission at 100GbE and OTU-4

10km 10x10 MSA rev 2.5

DFB array of lasers enables 100Gb/s links

Integrated 10 x 10Gb/s 1550nm DFB WDM lasers

Integrated 10 x 10Gb/s PIN PD array and TIA

Integrated optical mux/demux with duplex SMF

Support for riding heat sink with low power dissipation

Multi-protocol, Multi-rate support

Electrical interface compliant with CFP MSA and CAUI

Thermal management for Tcase of -5 to 70 deg C

Built-in Digital diagnostics and control through MDIO

Digital diagnostic monitoring of per lane laser bias,

transmitter and receiver optical power

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