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100G OTU-4 MSA CFP 10km

100G OTU-4 MSA CFP 10km

10km 100GbE and OTU-4 10x10 MSA CFP Module

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Product Details

Product Name

100G OTU-4 MSA CFP 10km

Product Introduction

The ZDCE10J-DCL leverages ZKTel’s expertise in successful production of highly reliable parallel DFB laser arrays for telecommunication applications. The transceiver incorporates a 10 channel laser driver circuit together with a 10 channel DML array coupled with an optical multiplexer. On the receiver side, an optical de-multiplexer is coupled with a 10 channel photodiode array and a 10 channel TIA array resulting in a compact transceiver module for an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gb/s over 10km of duplex SMF. The electrical interface is handled by a 10 channel Tx and Rx CDRs compliant with the CAUI interface. Mechanical dimensions, connectors and footprint of ZDCE10J-DCL conform to CFP MSA.

Product Features

Up to 10km transmission at 100GbE and OTU-4

10km 10x10 MSA rev 2.5

DFB array of lasers enables 100Gb/s links

Integrated 10 x 10Gb/s 1550nm DFB WDM lasers

Integrated 10 x 10Gb/s PIN PD array and TIA

Multi-protocol, Multi-rate support

Electrical interface compliant with CFP MSA and CAUI

Thermal management for Tcase of -5 to 70 deg C

Product Application

100GBase-LR4 Ethernet

OTN OTU4 Application

Data Center

Datacom/Telecom Switch & Router

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