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Symmetric 10GEPON ONU SFP+ 20KM

Symmetric 10GEPON ONU SFP+ 20KM

Symmetric 10GEPON ONU SFP+ 20KM

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Product Details

Symmetric 10GEPON ONU SFP+ 20KM

Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GEPON or EPON) is the leading technology being used in FTTx (FTTH) deployments. PON is different than other optical network topologies in that it is a Point to Multi-Point (P2MP) topology. From the Central Office’s (CO) Optical Line Terminal (OLT, with SFP GEPON transceiver/module) a single strand of fiber goes out to a passive optical splitter where its signal is multiplied to 32(64) different lines. The Transmit and Receive signals operate on different wavelengths allowing bi-directional operation over a single fiber. Anything transmitted from the OLT is transmitted to all 32 lines. It is up to the customer’s system (Optical Network Unit - ONU) to determine what packets are for that customer. All other packets are discarded. The PON current standards have defined downstream data rates up to 1.25Gbps. IEEE 802.3ah. EPON or GEPON (Ethernet PON) is an IEEE/EFM standard for using Ethernet for packet data.

Product Features

Single fiber Bidi data links Symmetric Tx 10.3125Gbps/Rx10.3125Gbps application

0 to 70°C operating case temperature

Single 3.3V power supply

SFP+ package with SC Receptacle connector

Hot-pluggable capability

High power 1270nm DFB LD and high sensitivity 1577nm APD

Support 20km transmission distance with SMF

CML compatible data input/output interface

Low power dissipation

Low EMI and excellent ESD protection

Digital diagnostic monitor interface

RoHS6 compliance

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