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2018 World Fiber Optic Cable Conference Held Focused on 5G, Smart(1)

- Nov 10, 2018 -

On the occasion of the 2018 World Fiber Optic Cable Conference held on November 5-7, a media meeting jointly held by CRU (British Commodity Research Institute) and the optical fiber communication industry leader Fortis Group was held at InterContinental Hangzhou.

2018世界光纤光缆大会召开 聚焦5G、智能

At the meeting, Ms. Nicola Coslett, CEO of CRU Exhibition and Mr. Xiao Wei, President of Fortis Group Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively and accepted questions from the media together with Ms. Pan Yuya, senior analyst of CRU.

2018世界光纤光缆大会召开 聚焦5G、智能Ms. Nicola Coslett first welcomed the media guests. She said that China's fiber optic cable industry is developing rapidly and is playing an increasingly important role in the world. According to statistics, so far, 4.2 billion kilometers of optical fiber has been installed in the world, of which China accounts for 1.6 billion core kilometers. At the same time, China's bare fiber production accounts for 65% of global production, and optical cable production accounts for 62% of the world's optical cable production.

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