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2018 World Fiber Optic Cable Conference Held Focused on 5G, Smart(2)

- Nov 11, 2018 -

At present, as major operators shift their focus to 5G networks, fiber-optic network deployment is entering a new era. In view of this, this conference, 5G will be an important topic of the conference for group discussion.

In his speech, Mr. Xiao Wei made a vision for the future of the fiber optic cable industry. He said that with the development of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, China's fiber optic cable industry has greatly expanded its overseas market, which has also driven the development of the domestic market. At the same time, while the network promotes the rapid development of China's electronic payment, it also promotes the development of China's fiber optic cable industry. The development of 5G puts new demands on fiber optic cable products with larger transmission capacity, and brings new opportunities and challenges for the future fiber optic cable industry.

2018世界光纤光缆大会召开 聚焦5G、智能

Ms. Pan Yuya answered the future development model of fiber optic cable companies. She believes that in the future, intelligence will become a trend, and smart factories will become the development direction of fiber optic cable companies. The transmission speed will become the most important requirement for fiber optic cable in the future, which will also promote the emergence of new fiber products. Ultra-low loss, ultra-large transmission capacity fiber and special fiber will become the "darling" of the future market. Although these products currently occupy a small market share, this represents the future development direction of the fiber-optic cable industry.

2018世界光纤光缆大会召开 聚焦5G、智能

It is reported that the conference attracted more than 600 participants from 27 different countries, including the CEO, president and senior management of the world's most important fiber optic cable company.

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