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Accelerated integration of optical communication industry(5)

- Nov 04, 2018 -

September: Light Library Technology plans to acquire Jiahua Weijie

On September 24, Zhuhai Guangku Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it intends to acquire 100% equity of Shenzhen Jiahua Weijie Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held by Zhang Hua and HE ZAIXIN with its own funds of RMB 145 million. Upon completion of the acquisition, Optical Library Technology will hold a 100% stake in Jiahua Weijie and become the sole shareholder of Jiahua Weijie.

The announcement stated that the technology of micro-connection products required by Jiahua Weijie in the high-speed digital optical transceiver module is in a relatively leading position and has great growth potential in the future. Through this acquisition, the company can enter the high-speed development of the data center and cloud computing industry chain, and expand the company's strategic layout. After the completion of this transaction, it will help the company to expand into new business areas, introduce new professional teams, enrich the company's product line, and help the company's future development.

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