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Accelerated integration of optical communication industry(6)

- Nov 05, 2018 -

November II-VI acquires Finisar

On November 8, US time, the two giants in the field of optoelectronic devices - II-VI, the global leader in engineering materials and optoelectronic components, and Finisar, the global technology leader in optical communications, announced that they have reached a final merger agreement, II-VI. The company will acquire Finisar in cash and stock trading with an equity value of approximately $3.2 billion. According to the price of November 8, 2018, Finisar shareholders will own approximately 31% of the combined company.

The combination of II-VI and Finisar combines two industry leaders with high complementarity and innovation to create a powerful industry-leading optoelectronics and compound semiconductor giant that will better serve fast-growing communications, Consumer electronics, defense, industrial processing lasers, automotive semiconductor devices and life sciences. If the transaction is completed, II-VI and Finisar will employ more than 24,000 people in 70 locations around the world.

As a combined company, II-VI and Finisar will continue to leverage the commercialization of their top innovations and complex technologies to maximize value through vertical integration and manufacturing scale, and the core competencies of the two companies in innovation and manufacturing will Complement each other at all levels of the value chain.

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