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Design points of light all-media self-supporting optical cable lines(7)

- Nov 18, 2018 -

4.3 Cable laying on power lines

When the light full-media self-supporting optical cable is attached to the power pole, it should be installed under the power line. In order to ensure the safety of the construction personnel during the construction operation, the optical cable and the power line should maintain a certain distance, and the minimum clearance between the optical cable and the power line. See Table 3. The optical cable must not directly pass through the transformer. It is strictly forbidden to work on the pole directly below the power line.


Due to its small tensile strength, it is difficult to reserve the light self-supporting optical cable in the middle of the power pole; if it is reserved on the power pole, it will affect the power maintenance personnel to operate the pole; therefore, the light self-supporting optical cable is attached. No reservation is made when the power line is hung.

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