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How do I install the SFP module?

- Jun 29, 2017 -

Connect the SFP optical module to the Gigabit Ethernet switch. Before installing the SFP module, we first need to know that the surface design of the SFP optical module has an integrated guide slot that is designed to prevent users from mistakeing the orientation and location when installing the SFP module. When you insert the SFP module, please be as light as possible because if the SFP module is forced into the interface of the SFP module, it may damage the SFP module or the SFP module interface. In addition, the SFP module must be plugged into the SFP module interface to connect the fiber jumper correctly. In addition, we need to be careful to unplug the fiber jumper from the SFP module interface and then the SFP module from gigabit Remove the Ethernet switch.

For the installation of SFP optical modules, note the following points. 

If you install the SFP module while the device is powered on, the release switch button must be in a semi-open state so that you can touch the SFP module linker.



When installing laser products (such as CD-ROM, DVD drive, optical module or fiber optic equipment), pay attention to the following: Do not remove the product shell. Because the product shell may cause you to be exposed to the risk of laser radiation. After removing the product enclosure, there is no reusable service component inside the equipment. It is advisable to use a control button or program to adjust the performance of the product, and do not arbitrarily select a method that may give you access to the laser to adjust performance.

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