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How do I use the SFP + optics correctly?

- Aug 21, 2017 -

The SFP + optical module is a mainstream, enhanced hot-pluggable optical module that connects the device board to other devices and has a data rate of 10G. So how do you use SFP + optics correctly? In addition to selecting the right model, you also need to know how to install and remove the SFP + optical module.

Select the SFP + optical module

Before installing the SFP + optical module, you must select the appropriate optical module. So how to choose the right SFP + optical module? There are two main points, as follows:

Determine the required transmission distance

SFP + optical module has 150m, 300m, 10km, 40km and other different transmission distance, you can according to the actual application, to select the appropriate SFP + optical module.

Determine the limits or requirements of the wavelength

Different types of SFP + optical modules can meet different wavelength requirements, typically at the top, bottom, or side of the SFP + optical module. The label will describe the basic information of this section of the optical module, so that you can identify and select the appropriate optical module.

Install SFP + Fast Optical Module

Remove the SFP + optical module from the protective package;

Hold the SFP + light module between the thumb and forefinger;

Insert the SFP + optical module into the SFP + slot of the switch and apply a slight pressure to the SFP + optical module until the device clicks and locks it into place. If SFP + is resistant to pressure, do not force it to apply pressure, turn it over, and then reinsert it into SFP + slot;

Remove the dust cover from the SFP + light hole and insert the cable.

Precautions for installing the SFP + optical module:

SFP + optical module and XFP optical module data rate is 10G, but not compatible with the same device, so do not install the SFP + optical module in the XFP slot, you must ensure that the slot is SFP + slot;

SFP + optical modules and SFP optical modules look very similar, but their data rates and functions are not the same, so do not install SFP in the SFP slot optical module, in the installation or use of SFP + optical module must ensure that your switch and SFP + light Modules can be compatible with each other;

Check if the SFP + optical module is the correct model for the network configuration;

Before installing the SFP + optical module, make sure it is clean and do not receive any contamination;

Fiber optic equipment can be fired to damage the eyes of the laser or infrared light, so do not look at the fiber or connector port, you can assume that the fiber optic cable has been connected to the light source;

To prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge, always wear anti-static wrist strap;

Only trained personnel can install this product;

It takes about three minutes to install the SFP + optical module.

Remove the SFP + optical module

Disconnect the fiber from the SFP + optical module;

The dust cover attached to the fiber hole and connector;

Slide the latch handle down and use it to extract the SFP + light module;

If the SFP + optical module can not be easily slid out of the slot, use the side rocking motion while pulling out the SFP + optical module from the slot;

SFP + optical module stored in a safe place, until the next time required, and then install the operation.

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