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How SFP optical modules are routinely maintained

- Aug 21, 2017 -

Optical module which integrates sophisticated optical components and circuit components, in the daily use of the process should pay attention to the operation according to specifications, SFP light module how to do routine maintenance, or it will easily lead to damage to the optical module.

1, optical port protection

1) Select the fiber optic connector that conforms to the network standard;

2) fiber optic connector to have a hat, do not use when the cap on the cover, to avoid contamination of the optical fiber connector and secondary pollution of the optical module optical port; cap should not be used when the dust should be kept clean;

3) optical fiber connector is inserted in the horizontal alignment of the optical port, to avoid the end and sleeve scratches;

4) optical module to avoid prolonged exposure to light, when not covered with light plug; light plug is not used when stored in a dusty clean place;

5) The end of the fiber connector remains clean

2, ESD protection

1) Keep the humidity of the environment 30 ~ 75% RH;

2) to do the electrostatic protection of the optical module (such as: with an electrostatic ring or hand through the pre-contact with the shell and other means to release static), contact the optical module shell, to avoid contact with the optical module pin;

3) the use of the relevant equipment using the ground connection of the common ground to ensure that the shortest grounding path, the grounding circuit is minimal, can not be connected in series, should avoid the use of external cable connection grounding circuit design;

4) packaging and turnover, the use of anti-static packaging and anti-static turnover box / car;

5) prohibit non-hot-swappable equipment, charged plug operation;

6) to avoid the use of multimeter table pen directly detect static sensitive pins;

3, the correct use

1) take it lightly;

2) Positive optical port insertion

3) to avoid long-term exposure, the use of dust cap;


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