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II-VI $3.2 billion whale Finisar: aiming at the 5G market dominance

- Nov 08, 2018 -

In March of this year, Lumentum acquired Oclaro for $1.8 billion, and merged the second and third companies in optical communication active devices. At that time, the industry generally believed that it would pose a threat to the status of industry leader Finisar.

Especially in the field of 3D VCSEL, Lumentum is in the leading position. Faced with such a big competitive relationship, on the US time last Friday, the active giant Finisar was acquired by the passive leading manufacturer of II-VI for 3.2 billion US dollars.

The passive giant’s acquisition of the active giant is intriguing. Together with the latest fiscal year report of the acquirer II-VI, the annual revenue was $972 million, of which the optical communications business was only $419 million. Finisar's revenue last year was $1.45 billion, and this year it is expected to fall to $1.29 billion. In this respect, the II-VI is small and big, and the passive acquisition of the source seems to be unexpected, but in fact, this is an important step for the vertical integration of II-VI.

II-VI 32亿美元鲸吞Finisar:瞄准5G市场统治力

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