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LG Innotet's latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology highlights huge market potential(1)

- Nov 20, 2018 -

On October 25, 2018, the "Thermal Semiconductor Technology Forum" hosted by LG Innotet was held at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor. The conference invited experts and scholars in the field of thermoelectric semiconductors, as well as more than 300 people from major industry professionals such as home appliances and automobiles, to share the latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology and application examples and expand the Chinese thermoelectric semiconductor market. In the intersessional meeting, OFweek had the opportunity to interview LG Innotet CEO Park Jong-soo, LG Innotet CTO, Dr. LG Innotet Li Hengyi, and Dr. Bo Qiansheng from Shanghai Institute of Silicate. The latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology and related industry application content were discussed.


LG Innotet selected China as the first venue for its global forum, with in-depth considerations and long-term plans behind it. In the course of the interview, it can be seen that LG Innote has placed great hopes on China's huge potential market and has made a lot of preparations for this. By holding the forum, LG Innotet will promote its latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology in the Chinese market, hoping to take this opportunity to find more opportunities for industrial cooperation and further activate China's thermoelectric semiconductor market.

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