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LG Innotet's latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology highlights huge market potential(2)

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Innovative temperature control

The thermoelectric semiconductor uses the Peltier effect to supply power to a semiconductor element that is cold at one end and hot at one end, and uses the Siebeck effect to generate a current by a temperature difference. Unlike conventional compressor temperature control methods, thermoelectric semiconductors provide power for cooling and heating temperature control. This new temperature control method does not interfere with external temperature changes and can precisely control the required temperature. And it is a very environmentally friendly technology to recover waste heat and convert it into electrical energy for reuse.

According to Dr. LG Innotet Li Hengyi, thermoelectric semiconductors have opened up a whole new field and are very innovative new technologies. The nanocrystalline material independently developed by LG Innotet has an ultrafine crystal structure of one hundred thousandth of a nanometer unit of human hair. Dr. Bo Qiansheng from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics said that the former thermoelectric semiconductor was a single crystal structure, and LG Innotet made a polycrystalline structure. Compared with the single crystal structure, the new polycrystalline structure is very efficient in terms of efficiency, and can achieve an improvement of about 30%. In terms of size, a 30% to 40% reduction can also be achieved. The large increase in characteristics is very suitable for the market demand. For its development in the commercial market, it is a very important step to realize the mass production of polycrystalline thermoelectric semiconductors. In this respect, LG Innote has been successfully realized.

Since temperature control and energy efficiency improvement are very common requirements, thermoelectric semiconductors can be involved in a wide range of fields, which can be roughly divided into three major fields: home appliances, automotive, and industry. At present, LG Innotet has introduced this technology into the field of home appliances, producing non-vibrating, noise-free, pollution-free constant temperature wine coolers, drawer-type small refrigerators and other products. In the automotive field, ventilated seats using thermoelectric semiconductor technology can provide passengers with a more comfortable ride experience.


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