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LG Innotet's latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology highlights huge market potential(3)

- Nov 22, 2018 -

New environmental protection technology, highly matching social development needs

At present, the global environmental pollution problem is an indisputable reality. The temperature is rising year by year, and the abnormal climate causes the sea level to rise. Under this circumstance, the concept of environmental protection has become more and more popular. LG Innotex CEO Park Jong-soo said that thermoelectric semiconductors are innovative technologies that make people's lives more environmentally friendly and convenient. They can realize efficient use of energy and reuse, and have far-reaching significance for social development.

The scale of global industrial production is enormous, and it consumes energy that is difficult to measure. A large part of the energy use process is wasted. After using a thermoelectric semiconductor, these wasted energy can be effectively recovered and reused. According to Dr. LG Innotet Li Hengyi, LG Innote is currently expanding this technology to the automotive battery cooling, automotive waste heat generation, and ship waste heat, industrial waste heat, and strengthen energy recycling.

With the transformation of China's social environment, the whole society began to develop towards the low fertility rate of late marriage and late childbearing, and more and more people began to live alone. In this context, the demand for furniture and electrical appliances for one person has increased, the market gap has continued to expand, and products have developed in a direction of thinness and miniaturization.

In response to the demand for this situation, LG Innotet has applied thermoelectric semiconductor technology to various home appliances, such as wine coolers, drawer refrigerators, heating and cooling mattresses, smart flower pots, and airy backpacks. The noise of a small refrigerator using a compressor method is 29 dB, and the use of a thermoelectric semiconductor can reduce the noise to a maximum of 19 dB. These products have higher energy efficiency, low noise, low vibration, etc., while saving practicality, greatly saving space and matching user needs.

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