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LG Innotet's latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology highlights huge market potential(4)

- Nov 23, 2018 -

Wide range of applications, huge market potential

At present, LG Innotet's thermoelectric semiconductor modules have been applied to wine coolers, drawer refrigerators, smart flower pots, cold and warm cup holders, cold and warm mattresses, ventilated backpacks, and ventilated seats. In the field of ship waste heat recovery, LG Innote is working with Korean companies to develop. The expansion direction of thermoelectric semiconductors is far more than this, and in the future, it will gain more room for expansion in the fields related to automotive vehicles and Internet of Things.

With the rapid evolution of communication technology, the full commercialization of 5G technology is coming, and the Internet of Things will also penetrate into various fields of daily life. LG Innotex CEO Park Jong-soo believes that the future interaction between people and the environment will undergo major changes. In addition to changes in auditory and visual interactions, the interactive needs for physical touch will be further developed, breaking the refinement of space constraints. Temperature control will do a lot. In this regard, the types and needs of wearable devices and IoT devices will increase substantially. The human body and the natural environment are in contact with each other, and whether it is VR or other wearable devices, there is a need for precise temperature control. From this trend, there will be a large market for smartphones, VR technology, wearable devices, and human-computer interaction.


According to LG Innotex CEO Park Chung-soo, LG Innote is currently paying attention to the market for electric vehicles and driverless cars. With the rapid development of smart cars, the increase of 5G communication facilities, power batteries, sensors and other equipment has brought new requirements and opportunities for automotive heat dissipation. For example, in terms of batteries, in order to improve the efficiency of the battery, it is necessary to control the temperature within a certain range, and this technology must be used. For the cooling inside the vehicle, like the heating and cooling seat, the cup holder is already in use.

LG Innotet CTO right introduction, LG Innotet built a special production line for thermoelectric semiconductors in Gumi, South Korea. Since July last year, about a year later, LG Innotet has developed a quantity. Production equipment is scheduled to be mass-produced in the first half of 2019. LG Innotex CEO Park Jong-soo said that the future market environment and market direction are very suitable for the future development of thermoelectric semiconductors, and LG Innote can provide a complete set of services from R&D, production and quality management of thermoelectric semiconductor material device modules. .

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