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MRSI Announces HVM3 Chip Mount Demonstration Capabilities in Shenzhen, China

- Nov 07, 2018 -

MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group) announced the establishment of a new demonstration capability at its sister company in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Axis Automation Technology Co., Ltd. They will arrange and deliver local demonstrations of their market-leading MRSI-HVM3 products as well as chip placement applications based on customer sample materials.

This provides an opportunity for existing and potential customers in China to directly evaluate the detailed performance of MRSI-HVM3 in China. They have the support of world-class local application engineers to enable rapid product demonstration and chip placement for sample manufacturing. The MRSI-HVM3 product family offers industry-leading speed, future-proof precision (<3 micron), and true multi-process, multi-chip, high-volume production flexibility. The dual-head, dual eutectic soldering station, zero-time nozzle conversion system configuration, ultra-fast eutectic soldering temperature rise and multi-level multi-function parallel process automation enable the MRSI-HVM3 product line to achieve superior performance.

The MRSI-HVM3 is designed for specific applications, including CoC packages using eutectic and/or silicone processes, Thermal Substrate Chip (CoS) packages, and Substrate Chip (CoB) packages. This also provides an excellent opportunity to discuss product solutions based on their extended models with their local process experts, their extended models HVM3e, HVM3P, H3TO and H3LD, based on the same design as HVM3, but specifically Conveyor belts such as top heating, CoB, AOC or gold-box, WDM and EML TO-can package applications and high power laser package applications.

MRSI Systems Launches MRSI-HVM3P for New Applications

MRSI-H3TO Die Bonding Product Family Targeted at the 5G Wireless Network Supply Chain

MRSI-H3LD Die Bonder Targeted at the High Power Diode Laser Market

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