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- Dec 12, 2014 -

Optical development process in our country is difficult, production and research Optical is a technical course. Our researchers in his wisdom and unity constant innovation with a variety of features and performance of Optical, Optical enable applications continue to expand, costs continue to decrease, but also more and more popular.

With the continuous updating and updating technology, analog to digital conversion constant Optical Optical. Optical digital lead, the function of video Optical more people use. Optical Optical divided into analog and digital Optical, Optical analog modulation techniques using real-time transmission of images PFM signal. After the analog video signal transmitter PFM modulation performed first, then the electrical - optical conversion, optical signal to a receiver side, performs photoelectric conversion, and then demodulates PFM, to recover the video signal. The current PDH in the industry have many deficiencies, such as:

Production debugging more difficult

Single fiber multi-channel image transmission more difficult, the performance will drop, the current simulation Optical generally only do 4-way image transmission on a single optical fiber.

Anti-interference ability

Greatly influenced by environmental factors, there is drift.

Stability is not high

As a result of an analog modem technology, its stability is not high enough, or environmental characteristics change with the increase of the use of time, Optical properties will change to the project using some inconvenience.

In contrast, the Digital Optical due to late, new technology, leading in all aspects. Such as:

Longer transmission distance: up to 80Km, and even farther (120Km);

Support video lossless regenerative relay, so you can use multi-level transmission mode;

Less affected by environmental interference, high transmission quality;

Supported signal capacity of up to 16, or even more (32, 64).

Like many areas of digital security technologies are gradually replacing analog technology, which is a general trend in the field. Optical overall prospect in the security field below.

Optical prospects

In the field of anti-theft alarm

Fiber inherently conductive, inductive and good. At present, a feature based on the use of fiber optic perimeter protection systems available, and widely used in the world. This technique utilizes both fiber as a transmission signal transduction tool will use optical fiber as the front of the detector. In practical applications, the embedded fiber fortification of the ground, the walls, when invaders fortified area, fiber optic sensors will automatically transfer to the back-end alarm. And this perimeter protection mode due to the fiber-optic signal requirements are particularly high in terms of quality requirements Optical is superior. This kind of perimeter protection mode, compared to the traditional way the biggest difference is highly covert, to solve the long-standing anti-theft alarm system is susceptible to damage problems.

    In the field of video surveillance

With domestic Optical technology continues to mature and improve, in terms of functionality and performance has been steadily progressing. Such as a video of AGC (automatic gain control, which automatically monitor the amplitude of the input video signal, dynamically adjusting the gain, the output of the receiver in the standard video signal 1Vp-p) function. Technology upgrade is also reflected in the diversity of functions, such as to provide a richer service interface, battery power failure alarm, characters superposition, all aspects of lightning proof, network equipment and other products for easy application reflects the increase, with the pre-fault diagnosis video Optical system. Video Optical technology upgrade is also reflected in the functional modular design, the main features of the product, such as photoelectric conversion, video, data, audio and other functional modules designed to be fully independent pluggable, the signals are involved in the integration of security into a single Optical years.

Lightning Optical design is now an important issue to enhance functionality. Lightning needs to be on all the external interfaces Optical considerations, rather than just data interface, you should also consider the video, audio and all other external interface and power input interface, or the lightning-invasive device in many cases is the weakest link in the protection, result in equipment damage.

    Application security and monitoring in the field of Digital Optical is very important. Digital Optical functions, so that it could better serve the people, and its various advantages and constantly shows its independence, great service in many areas without too much interference.

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