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Optical Accessories troubleshooting and exclusion

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Optical data interface:


The following aspects should find out why:

1. detecting the presence of the control signal output with a multimeter to measure AC 10V files controller (matrix, hard record, etc.) RS-485 port to see whether the control signal output

2. Optical RS-485 interface to determine whether it is normal, if the UA-B voltage is zero is considered abnormal. Milling head can not control, this phenomenon is caused by two reasons: a) RS-485 port A +, B- reversed; b) the system impedance mismatch seriously.

Optical optical path problem


Problems lies in pigtails, jumpers or adapter ends of the optical path, and rarely concerned with the main optical path. Common problems are:

1, the fiber optic connector is inserted incorrectly;

2, the core optical fiber connectors (ceramic tube) is contaminated.

The solution is:

1, reinsert the active connector or exchange fiber jumpers;

2, with 99.9% ethanol wipe plugs, sockets core;

3. Check the camera's video cable with a multimeter, determine whether the video signal

If the video is good but PTZ control problems?


Description fiber is good, the data in question, check the data cable is connected properly or there is not reversed, there is no bright light to see the data. If the data is normal to replace the receiver to see whether it is normal.

Optical power supply is normal, but the situation does not work you can take the following approach to confirm the problem.


You can unplug the optical fiber from the optical port. If the screen is no longer black, but there is snow, the light might be a good connection. Make sure the connection between the video BNC Optical is intact. This shows the light part of the problem. Optical fiber is pulled out from the mouth dirty clean with alcohol and cotton to be dry before inserting. Or some fiber put it all installed, there is no video, which shows the fiber has a problem because there is a problem fiber ferrule, fitted to half video because it just comes out, the light module can receive so there video.

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