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Optical Cautions

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Tips Optical Cautions


Should confirm whether the damage caused by improper transportation before unpacking.

After unpacking, the Optical removed, placed in a smooth dry, clean place.

Optical and electronic products are expensive, attention in the handling and use protection against impact, moisture.

Lasers for electrostatic sensitive devices, the installation should make anti-static measures.

1, Power:

Recommend good power regulator and ground, will connect a variety of interfaces to meet the requirements after checking the power supply only to PDH.

2, the optical path:

Check the light path is intact, (the best indicators provide attenuation of the optical path);

Laser light is not visible to the hair and can damage the eyesight, installation technicians must be careful not to look directly at the light emitted Optical output, do not look directly at the fiber connector Optical fiber connection with the reception. Laser fiber splice or connector output is invisible to the naked eye, there may be damage to the human eye. To confirm that the light output, use infrared or infrared fluorescence observation instrument panels.

Optical connector plug axially aligned and should be raised on the Dhamma light blue jumper on the disc channel, gently plug not overexert, different brands of connectors with tight sometimes, so please be patient plug;

To keep the optical interfaces and fiber jumper clean when disconnected they need to cover dust caps. If the jumper is available in cotton balls dipped in contaminated dust sprinkled fine (ethanol) Carefully wipe the ceramic end face;

3, the data:

Recommended that the data lines plus anti-line induction overvoltage device to prevent high voltage damage Optical;

RS232-C interface should be noted:

1), because the signal level RS232-C interface level is not compatible with TTL, so the need to use the level-shifting circuit before being called road with TTL phase;

2), due to higher RS232-C signal level of the interface, so the connection is strongly recommended not to hot plug, to avoid damage to the interface circuit chip, at least when you plug one end of the power outage;

3), the length of the transmission cable should be as short as possible, by the RS232-C standard symbol distortion in the case of less than 4%, the transmission cable length should be 50 feet.

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