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Optical fiber transmission benefit policies to support high-definition monitor is no longe

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Ministry in the "broadband network infrastructure," second five "plan" proposed, "five-second" period will focus on the development of fiber-optic broadband network to promote the project, the main city in east central and western provincial capital city to promote the "Urban optical network" project, to "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the country more than 40 million fiber to the home user. Recently, the State Council executive meeting on fiber broadband to promote the project to make further instructions to accelerate the popularity of fiber to the home. The advantages of optical fiber transmission with a unique monitoring transmission occupy an important position, making the high-definition monitor is not far away.

     Policies to encourage the application of fiber optic transmission monitoring market to be optimistic

Housing and Urban Construction, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a circular calling for the implementation of national standards for fiber to the home. The notice calling for full implementation of the new residential building fiber to the home. According FTTH national standards, since April 1, 2013, have been achieved in the public telecommunication fiber optic communication transmission facilities at the county level and above the city, the new residential and residential construction should adopt the way of building FTTH and to encourage and support qualified towns, rural areas, new housing and residential buildings to achieve FTTH.

     With the call of the policy, residential construction is a matter of fiber to the home, as a convenient tool for transmission, fiber compared to copper, what advantage? With lower fiber prices and CPE price substantially reduced, such as video Optical, digital Optical Multiservice prices have not a small decline compared with previous years. Leading US technology company specializing in engineering firm that "basically we have chosen fiber project as a medium, we basically do not use copper." Fiber-optic transmission network can provide a lot of space, optical transmission market for future growth in user demand prospects good.

     1. Optical Fiber and prices dropped. A few years ago, the overall price of the fiber of 100% -200% higher than cable, but now the price has no difference. Optical prices have dropped significantly. I remember three years ago, a project designer, said:. "If the single-channel video Optical price dropped 600 yuan within my project on the preferred Optical, without the use of copper" He was being brought to the use of coaxial cable problems such as interference, transmission quality, transmission distance, wiring and other problems plagued some columns, but if he chose to use optical fiber must pay high fees. Now do not worry, the price has dropped to the point where PDH can be used in large quantities, and as long as he paid about 10 percent more than the cost of copper transport in general, the problems he faced previously did not exist.

     2, large transmission capacity. Bandwidth fiber optic transmission signal is great, one of the core transmission bandwidth can reach several G, or even dozens, hundreds G. For example, we now use the telephone bandwidth is 64K, the digital video signal is about 150M, LAN is about 100M, 1G equal 1000M, 1M equal to 1000K, you can do the math, the number one fiber can transmit a signal? The conventional one there are four core optical fiber inside, of course, can be customized 6-cell, 8-cell, or even more. Signals are combined and now can put Digital Optical Multiservice video, audio, data, LAN, telephone, DVI, HDMI, USB, and other users need to transfer to a core optical fiber transmission, not only concise, and easy to maintain. To your network and future expansion has brought great convenience, if you have any special requirements for the future, you do not need to re-wiring, as long as the function to improve or increase the Optical it.

     3, transmission distance, undisturbed, high transmission quality. Fiber (single mode fiber, the user preferred single-mode fiber) transmission attenuation is very small, normal transmission attenuation per kilometer 0.3 to 0.6dB. If you order the Optical allow 30dB attenuation, you can transfer up to 60 km or more, so that gives you a lot of programs designed to bring convenience, if not particularly far, can not consider the transmission distance. Since the optical fiber in the optical signal is transmitted, so there is no interference of the electrical signal on the optical fiber. Internal Optical now use digital technology, not only stable transmission, and transmission quality can reach very high levels. Manufacture of optical fiber using a silicon materials, silicon on our planet is inexhaustible, and copper copper used was not the case. With the improvement of technology and improved fiber connections, fiber construction will be more convenient.

     Fiber optic transmission infrastructure and application monitoring system

     With a variety of image data to monitor the status and seek more and more video signal transmission distance can not meet the demand, therefore, the gradual integration of the development of optical imaging and control signals (WDM or DWDM technology), can be transmitted over longer distances.

In addition to combining images and control requirements, architecture is the entire optical transmission fiber transmission build monitoring spindle, with different fabric construction methods, will have different uses and functions.

     Application of a wide range of fiber-optic communications, can be broadly divided into the telecommunications network (Telecom), data network (Datacom), monitoring network (CCTV) and cable television (CATV) and fiber optical transmission network subscriber loop (FiberInTheLoop, FITL) and other five while the defense and military applications can also be found of fiber-optic communications.

     Monitoring network (CCTV) field, is more monitoring architecture as part of the backbone, it may be combined with a simple image with the control signals into optical signals (FOT / FOR), there is a through TCP / IP network to the digital image signal converted to optical TCP / IP signal for transmission and restore the way.

     Optical fiber transmission allows high-definition monitor Dream

     With the development of optical fiber communication technology, image transmission mode more and more, the video signal transmission Optical than others, such as twisted pair, coaxial cable has a greater advantage. Is well known, mainly relying on optical fiber transmission Optical one end of the optical fiber (cable) of the electrical signal into an optical signal, and at the other end of the optical signal back to an electrical signal corresponding. Optical monitoring system provides for flexible transmission and networking, signal quality, high stability. In recent years, due to the rapid development of optical communication technology, but also makes the cost of optical fiber transmission monitoring system greatly reduced, so the application of fiber optics and Optical monitoring system is becoming increasingly popular. Fiber has been widely used in home and office fiber access networks, intelligent field of family, office automation, industrial control networks, car airborne and military communications networks, etc. in. For the transmission bandwidth, transmission distance requirements for high-definition video streaming, high-definition monitor fiber era is no longer a dream.

     Solve the problem of digital high-definition signal transmission is currently divided into two ways: one is the traditional cable transmission, the other is the cable transmission. The traditional way is to use copper plus relay amplification method, the furthest transmission distance up to a few hundred kilometers; the dedicated cable and repeater amplifiers prices are high and the use of the more far-distance transmission relay amplifier cascade the number also increases, making the cost of traditional copper transmission mode is very high; signal after copper and multiple relay transmission amplifiers also declined significantly from the signal quality, can not achieve the requirements definition.

From a development perspective, due to the characteristics of optical fiber transmission, making the optical fiber transmission medium of choice for digital high-definition signal. Optical fiber transmission also has the following advantages: wideband, high traffic; low loss for long-distance transmission; anti-electromagnetic interference, no crosstalk, high security; light weight, small size and easy construction and maintenance; Scalability

     In summary optical transmission technology in order to meet future needs provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Fiber can provide much higher bandwidth than copper, which makes it more and more used to transmit video signals, computer signals and high-definition signals. Fiber optic technology for high-definition video surveillance offers the best solution.

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