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Optical Safety Precautions

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Optical Safety Precautions:

First, the power supply areas:

Power input: AC100-240V - 50 / 60HZ.

Power Output: DC5V-1.5A.

Second, the mine areas:

1. Grounding good grounding resistance preferably less than 1 ohm.

2, the power, the video signal cable, control cable is required to install the arrester, with particular emphasis on each video signal lines, data lines and power control three lightning grounding respectively 10 square ground wire, grounding line welding copper nose, and then crimped on flat ground, respectively. All the way back to 8-channel video data, for example: 10 10 square required grounding line (data 1, a power supply, plus the 8-channel video 8, a total of 10). Note that 10 is not connected to ground lightning ground net flat on the same point, the best two adjacent ground distance of 20 cm or more.

Third, the optical interface should not pay attention to wear a dust cap in the long term. To prevent dust from entering the influence of light transmission.

Fourth, the installation process should pay attention to installation specifications, signal lines and power lines separately. Do not avoid the power cord (especially AC220V) mistakenly take on the control signal lines and Optical DC power lines, causing damage to the equipment.

Fifth, the front end of the machine in use should pay attention to water.

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