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Optical understand the relevant knowledge, correct understanding of its Problems and Solut

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Optical need to be carried out in strict installation and use, if not properly installed will affect its normal work, come to naught. If used improperly, it will push its normal Optical efficiency, its efficiency will be greatly reduced. If the Optical fails, we need to know the basic judgment.

First, Optical fault diagnosis to be correct, produce every problem if not properly determine, to a certain extent, also affect the products.

     We now introduce a relatively frequent product use, video / data multiplexed Optical troubleshooting methods, Optical power if normal, but does not work, press the following steps:

A. Monitor black, data and camera control functions normally.

1. Unplug the fiber from the optical port. If the screen is no longer black, but there is snow, the light might be a good connection.

2. Make sure the connection between video BNC Optical is intact.

B. noise monitor screen, data and camera control functions normally. This shows the light part of the problem. Follow these steps to continue to exclude faults:

     1. Unplug the fiber from the transmitter optical port, insert an optical fiber jumpers.

2. Connect the other end of the jumper to insert an optical power meter.

(a) If the reading is inconsistent with the index, indicating that the transmitter has a problem, it should be replaced.

(b) If the reading is within specifications, proceed to the next step.

3. Check the connector. If dirty, wipe clean with isopropyl alcohol.

4. re-access the original fiber optical port transmitter. At the receiver end, steps 2 to 3 above. Power meter readings to reach at least the minimum receiver input energy calibration values.

(a) If the reading is lower, the fiber may be a problem, should be replaced.

(b) If the reading is very low, the cable may be damaged, must be replaced. If the reading is normal, indicating a problem with the receiver, should be replaced.

(C). Video camera control normal but there is a problem. This shows that the fiber is good. When the fiber attenuation increases, the loss would be the loss of video data is greater than control PTZ.

1. Before PTZ control signal transmission, check TD (data activity) LED on the receiver. When data transmission indicator light, follow your operation or flashing. If not, and the electrical connection is not the problem, the receiver may have a problem and needs to be replaced.

2. When the control signal is sent to the other end of the head of the fiber-optic connections - When the transmitter, RD indicator light, follow your operations or flashing, and electrically connected properly, but still can not control the camera working properly, then the transmitter in question should be replaced. If RD is not lit, there is a problem with the transmitter may be, it could be a problem with the receiver. Contact the manufacturer for further guidance.

According Optical fiber optic transceiver or failure problems, and a little bit of exclusion and the failure to find the reason for this is very important. Optical fault can repair, but if you can not find its rigorous problem, for later use Optical is an obstacle.

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