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Semiconductor Lasers From ZKTel

- Jun 05, 2018 -

There is a news frow ZKTEL. ZKTEL is a company which produce 5G products, which including 10G AOC SFP+ production; 40G AOC QSFP+ production; SFP28 SR/LR production; SFP+ SR production; QSFP28 SR4; QSFP28 LR4 and so on. The prices of ZKTEL products is very competitive. Welcome to visit our websites, connect with our customer serviece, we will provide yours best service!

Semiconductor lasers, commonly known as laser diodes, are called semiconductor lasers because of their properties as a working material. The semiconductor laser is composed of a fiber-coupled semiconductor laser module, a beam combining device, a laser energy transmission cable, a power supply system, a control system, and a mechanical structure, and the laser output is realized under the drive and monitoring of the power supply system and the control system. The commonly used working substances for semiconductor lasers include gallium arsenide (GaAs), cadmium sulfide (CdS), indium phosphide (InP), and zinc sulfide (ZnS). According to different working substances, there are mainly three kinds of incentives: electric injection, pump type and high-energy electron beam excitation.

(1) Electron injection is a semiconductor laser. Generally, GaAS, CdS, InP, ZnS, and other working substances are used as a main material to form a semiconductor junction diode. When an electric injection is performed, current injected along a forward bias is applied. The working substance is excited to generate stimulated emission in the nodal plane region.

(2) Punp-type lasers, typically doped with a host-doped hole-based germanium single crystal (P-type semiconductor single crystal) or an electron-based germanium single crystal (type N) doped in the crystal The semiconductor single crystal is used as a working substance and pumped by lasers emitted from other lasers to achieve population inversion.

(3) High-energy electron-beam excitation semiconductor lasers are generally similar to pump-type lasers in terms of selection of the working substance, and are also semiconductor single-crystals. However, it is worth noting that high-energy electron beams are used in the selection of P-type semiconductor single crystals. The exciting semiconductor laser is mainly PbS. CbS and ZnO dominate.

There are many kinds of semiconductor lasers, and there are many classification methods depending on the chip parameters and the package methods. Among them, the optical fiber output semiconductor laser classification methods mainly include the following types:


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