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SFP 2.5g Bidi SC 40km

- Jun 09, 2016 -

ZKTel Supplies SFP BIDI 2.5Gbps Transceiver


(1)Operating data rate up to 2.125 / 2.5Gbps
(2)DFB lasers, Tx1490/Rx1550 & Tx1550/Rx1490
(3)APD Distance up to 40KM
(4)Single 3.3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface
(5)Simplex SC/ LC Connector Interface
(6)Hot Pluggable, Metal enclosure, for Lower EMI
(7)operating case temperature standard: 0 degrees celsius
~+70 degrees celsius; Industrial: -40 degrees celsius~+85 degrees celsius
(8)Compliant with MSA SFP Specification
(9)Digital Diagnostic Monitor Function Compatible with SFF-8472
(10)ROHS6 Compliant
(11)DDM are optional

(1)Fiber Channel Infrastructure
(2)STM-16 Optical interface
(3)ATM Switches and Routers
(4)SDH/SONET Switch Infrastructure

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