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Sols was invited to attend the Huawei 50G PAM4 Industry Forum to jointly publish a white paper to boost the commercialization of 5G bearer networks From ZKTEL

- Jun 21, 2018 -

There is a news frow ZKTEL. ZKTEL is a company which produce 5G products, which including

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During the 2018 China Optical Network Symposium, Sols Optoelectronics was invited to attend the 50GE PAM4 Industry Forum hosted by Huawei, and together with other partners in the industry chain, published a 50G PAM4 technology white paper. The conference brought together three major operators: China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Huawei, Fiberhome, Wuhan Guangxun, Hisense, Sols Optoelectronics, SUMITOMO, Xuchuang, Spirent, Ixia and other companies in the industry chain. Focusing on the 50G PAM4 port core frontier technology, we will discuss the road to 5G bearer evolution and push the commercial launch of 50GE PAM4 technology in the 200GE/400GE domain.blob.png

Based on the key advantages of 50G PAM4 technology in the field of 5G bearers, it has attracted wide attention from the industry. This 50G PAM4 industry forum focuses on the construction of 5G bearer networks, focusing on topics such as network bandwidth evolution, 50G PAM4 technology development, standards, and industry chain readiness. The in-depth discussions were held. The participating parties shared the research progress in their respective fields and shared the latest technology and research directions of the industry chain. Everyone has expressed that they will jointly promote the development of the 50G PAM4 industry.

Sols Optoelectronics, as a member of the 50G PAM4 Industry Alliance, actively promotes the development of optical module products based on 50G PAM4 technology. It first introduced 400G LR8 QSFP-DD optical modules worldwide during OFC in 2018, and simultaneously launched the same design platform based on the same design platform. The 400G LR8 CFP8 optical module demonstrated the interoperability test of its 400G LR8 QSFP-DD and 400G LR8 CFP8 optical modules on the OFC site. Sols Opto's low-power 50G LR QSFP28 optical module, introduced in May 2018, uses a DML laser and the industry-proven TO packaging technology to provide a low-cost and mass-produced solution for 50G optical modules. The product has already been interconnected and tested with the optical modules of other alliance members on Huawei's router products. Currently, Sols is actively promoting the development of 40km long distance products based on 50G PAM4 technology. It is expected that related products will be launched in the second half of 2018. At the same time, we are also actively involved in the development of the IEEE 50G PAM4 international standard, which will promote the 50G PAM4 industry alliance to develop in a healthy and orderly manner.

As Ms. Liu Xiaoling, Senior Sales Director of Sols Optronics China, said: “5G has brought tremendous opportunities for the entire communications industry and also brought technical challenges. Sols Optoelectronics, as the world’s leading optical module manufacturer, will With its profound technical accumulation, actively facing technical difficulties, and constantly launching cost-effective optical module products that meet the requirements of 5G networks, Sals is very proud to be a member of the 50G PAM4 industry alliance, and we will be working with the upstream and downstream industries. Promote the commercialization of 50G PAM4 technology, and contribute to the early commercial use of 5G."

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