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Special types of SFP optical modules

- Jun 29, 2017 -

BIDI-SFP: single-fiber bi-directional SFP, the use of WDM technology, send and receive two different directions of the central wavelength, in order to achieve a fiber optical transmission in both directions.

The BIDI optical module has only one port and is filtered by a filter in the optical module, while the 1310 optical signal is transmitted and the 1550nm optical signal is received, or vice versa. Therefore, BIDI optical modules must be used in pairs.

Copper SFP: Electrical SFP optical module, the use of SFP package, electrical module, can support the maximum transmission distance of 100m (RJ45, 5-type twisted pair for the transmission medium).

CWDM SFP: CWDM technology, through the external wavelength division multiplexer, the different wavelengths of optical signals together, through a fiber transmission, thereby saving fiber resources. At the same time, the receiver needs to use the wavelength division multiplexer to decompose the complex light signal. CWDM SFP optical module is divided into 18 bands, from 1270nm ~ 1610nm, every two bands between the interval of 20nm, the general will use color to distinguish between different wavelengths of optical modules.

DWDM SFP: belongs to the dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, can be different wavelengths of light coupled to a single core fiber to the transmission, DWDM SFP channel spacing according to the need for 0.4nm, 0.8nm, 1.6nm and other different intervals, Smaller, requires additional wavelength control devices. A key advantage of DWDM SFP is that its protocol and transmission speed are irrelevant.

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