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Video Optical important role in monitoring

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Increasingly important in the current use of life. Monitoring, alarms, etc., the Optical finding is the first scene, to provide people with the information to understand a lot of help, but also to protect and reduce the occurrence of some accidents. Video Optical has a very important role in the security monitoring.

Security monitoring project is to monitor the distribution characteristic points, security monitoring point will usually monitor image in real time through the fiber, uncompressed transmission to the police station or Public Security Bureau, image clarity, timeliness, reliability of the equipment, cost is particularly important. The Optical fiber as a transmission image communications equipment, its reliability, high and low temperature properties and real-time security monitoring is crucial to the whole quality of the project plays a role. How to choose the security monitoring Optical, the following can be used as reference:

1, high cost

Security monitoring project monitoring points are more financial pressure, the majority of self-financing by the township government finance or to complete the requirements of low cost, but also require reliability, high quality, which gives the majority of engineering and owners brought the pole pressure. Optical currently on the market a wide range of price and quality, mixed incomplete, good and bad. Some unscrupulous manufacturers took the opportunity cost, in order to simulate Optical Digital Optical charge, even at the demolition of the old chip and demolition of the old optical modules together into inexpensive, Optical poor temperature coefficient to entrap owners and contractors, these manufacturers are usually only a few people in a small workshop, without any testing equipment and complete production process to ensure that, let alone spend money to buy nearly one million international video standards of professional testing equipment, such as the United States Tektronix VM700 and other equipment. In general high-volume, standard production process to produce a high-performance single-channel video plus reverse data Digital Optical PTZ control costs in general about two thousand dollars. Currently, low price of inferior quality Optical caused by maintenance problems and other complications large outbreak, accumulating Optical endless maintenance costs have greatly exceeded the cost of low-cost savings projects, so many owners complain incessantly; but fortunately owners and engineering companies are starting from the previous one-sided pursuit of cheap sober and mature, sensible, low bid of majority rule has been dropped owners, cost-effective, low maintenance rate has become the default rules of the game.

2, uncompressed, real-time transmission

As we all know, after the compressed image generated image pixel is lost, affecting the clarity, while important to calculate due to image compression, transmission takes time, on-site real-time image monitoring command center delayed transmission down a lot, and security monitoring pieces of the scene such as arrest, escape, cars are fast-moving, high-speed motion picture compression requires a large time, and it will reduce the image quality such as to produce the mosaic, a small delay will greatly affect the high-speed movement, greatly lower real live show degrees, so the current security monitoring is rarely used image compression, commonly used to transmit real-time uncompressed Optical surveillance images.

3, high stability, high reliability

Optical generally placed outdoors, it is necessary to endure the harsh summer temperatures equipment box (up to 70 degrees Celsius) and cold winter in the north (20 degrees Celsius), and wet, snow, rain and fog weather and other harsh weather. As we all know, PDH optical devices used are extremely sensitive to temperature, and therefore extremely vulnerable temperature characteristics Optical simulation such that it can not work in harsh environments, Digital Optical as insensitive to temperature, so it is easy to meet, of course, digital Optical industrial temperature coefficient should select a variety of components, need rigorous screening.

4, high-resolution, high signal to noise ratio

Mostly due to security monitoring points in the first time on the scene, emergencies and other real-time monitoring, so the image resolution transmission quality is very important, because the use of traditional analog Optical lower analog FM, AM, PM technology, so the image low resolution, modulation noise, intermodulation interference, signal to noise ratio is very low, can not meet the need; and the use of digital Optical, thanks to digital transmission and coding, no analog modulation, it is easy to obtain a high signal to noise ratio.

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