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XGPON smooth upgrade helps Gigabit access service FROM ZKTEL

- Jun 25, 2018 -

There is a news frow ZKTEL. ZKTEL is a company which produce 5G products, which including 10G AOC SFP+ production; 40G AOC QSFP+ production; SFP28 SR/LR production; SFP+ SR production; QSFP28 SR4; QSFP28 LR4 and so on. The prices of ZKTEL products is very competitive. Welcome to visit our websites, connect with our customer serviece, we will provide yours best service!

With the continuous development of high-bandwidth services such as high-definition video and virtual reality, the bandwidth demand of access channels has become the focus of operators. Currently, domestic and foreign operators have launched ultra-fast access packages, and Gigabit access pilots. In full swing.

At present, the mainstream choice of fixed network access technology is PON technology. PON systems are broadband access technologies built on passive optical distribution networks (ODNs). They are connected to CMMET metropolitan area networks, IMS, CATV and other networks, and are connected downwards. The user terminals mainly carry general group private lines, home broadband access, and WLAN hotspot access.


At present, the mainstream PON technologies are mainly GPON and EPON. In September 2002, the FSAN organization proposed GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON). In March 2003, the ITU adopted G. 984.1 and G. 984.2 agreement. With technical advantages (higher bandwidth, greater split ratio, etc.), GPON technology has become the main mode of Fujian mobile fixed network access, and is considered as the ideal solution for FTTX. However, with the booming development of PON services and the rapid deployment of applications, people are demanding bandwidth for PON systems, service support capabilities, and access node equipment and ancillary equipment in a situation where they do not make major changes to existing equipment as much as possible. Performance and other aspects gradually raised higher requirements. In order to comply with this need, major global operators and mainstream equipment vendors have participated in the layout. FSAN/ITU-T completed the related standard work of NG PON in June 2010. The XGPON system that has evolved smoothly from GPON is finally “born” and officially entered the public’s sight.

Based on the full protection of the existing optical fiber network, the ODN of the 10GPON completely follows the network topology of the GPON, reusing the optical fiber and splitter of the existing GPON network. Compared to the 10G EPON smooth upgrade method, because the XGPON and GPON have different uplink wavelengths, an external multiplexer (WDMr1) is required at the central office device to combine/divide the working signals in the up/down direction to implement XGPON. Compatible with GPON.


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