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(3)Why Can Qualcomm Laugh 5G?

- Nov 16, 2018 -

On the way to 5G commercial, the millimeter wave is an unavoidable difficulty. Because millimeter waves have the advantage of providing greater bandwidth and higher data rates, there are also disadvantages of too much propagation loss and too small coverage.

To this end, Qualcomm has overcome the huge technical problem of millimeter wave application in mobile phones during the commercial launch of 5G mobile phones: launching a mobile millimeter wave solution to bring millimeter waves to smartphones that support 60GHz Wi-Fi. ; Released advanced 5G millimeter wave prototype products to cope with power problems and promote commercial deployment; launched Snapdragon X50 modem series (supporting millimeter wave and below 6 GHz band); introduced millimeter wave antenna matching smart phone package size and performance requirements The module also launched a 5G new air interface mobile phone reference design solution to help mobile phone manufacturers launch 5G mobile phones at an early date to help operators optimize their networks.

Not only that, Qualcomm also recently launched the most "small" new product for the QualcommQTM 052 millimeter wave antenna module series for smartphones and other types of mobile terminals - the fully integrated 5G new air interface (5G NR) millimeter wave (mmWave) module. The product is 25% smaller than the first QTM052 millimeter wave antenna modules released in July 2018, and is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the terminal size of manufacturers planning to launch 5G new air-to-air smartphones and mobile terminals in 2019. With these smaller antenna modules, OEMs can more easily design antenna layouts.

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