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(6)Why Can Qualcomm Laugh 5G?

- Nov 19, 2018 -

The second type of use case is a PC that is always connected and always online. In recent years we have seen a trend in which we no longer need to save data to a laptop, but to store the data in the cloud. With the deployment of 5G networks in 2019, we will find that such demand will be further expanded. More users will expect their PCs to stay connected to the cloud, and they can get services and data from the cloud anytime, anywhere, with 5G networks offering low latency and high data throughput playing a key role.

For operators, the significant increase in 5G network capacity will allow them to provide users with unlimited data packages to meet the connectivity needs of always-on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Ma Dejia believes that this type of use case will also appear in 2019.

In terms of PC connectivity, Qualcomm is not a new player. Over the past 10 years, more than 1,000 PC SKUs have been shipped using Qualcomm 3G/4G technology. Now, Windows laptops based on the Opteron Mobile PC platform can support always-on, always-on connectivity, enabling long-term battery life beyond the full day. It allows users to enjoy the features of "out of the box" and "always update" as smart phones, continuous, convenient, connection up to gigabit speed, and even GPS-based location awareness.

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