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(7)Why Can Qualcomm Laugh 5G?

- Nov 20, 2018 -

The third category of use cases is very broad, ranging from mobile extended reality (XR) to industrial Internet of Things using 5G ultra-reliable low-latency features, which are expected to land in 2020 and beyond. Nowadays, many factories and assembly lines are faced with many problems caused by traditional wired connections. Therefore, they hope to create more flexible production and manufacturing processes through wireless technology. 5G powerful functions, especially to provide ultra-high reliability and low time. The ability to extend communication (URLLC) is critical to meeting the needs of the vertical industry, and Qualcomm already has multiple partners in this area.

"The deployment of 5G networks and the emergence of 5G use cases in 2019 will provide us with some experience. On this basis, we will introduce some more mature use cases in 2020 and beyond, and expand them into various vertical applications. Said Ma Dejia.

Ma Dejia further concluded: "All in all, we believe that 5G use cases will gradually evolve from mobile broadband, smart phones and always-connected PCs to the next generation of more advanced use cases. Qualcomm is very optimistic about the future development of 5G, we believe that 5G use cases will continue to be enriched. But this is not done overnight. We have to move forward step by step."

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