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About 5G Standards And Challenges Huawei And Ericsson Say This

- May 23, 2018 -

In order to meet these high performance requirements of 5G networks, members of the 3GPP standardization body need to vote to select the coding scheme and select the best combination of the best interference immunity, the highest energy utilization, low system delay, and high spectrum utilization. Terminal scenario.

The core features of communication - standardization

In response to the recent development of the 3GPP standard for networking, Huawei's vice president for 5G product lines, Du Yeqing, said at the First Financial Technology and Innovation Conference: “The communications industry is the best standardization industry among all industries. According to these decades of development, all communications technologies must operate under standardization conditions.In the era of mobile communications, if China’s mobile phone can communicate in Europe, it must use the same communication standard. Standardization is one of the most important aspects of communication. The core features."

Du Yeqing pointed out that the 3GPP voting incident has occurred for two years. Huawei and many Chinese companies are members of the 3GPP standard organization. “We made our proposal based on the objective of the industry’s maturity and the maximization of the interests of the industry, and made this proposal approved by everyone to become a unified standard.” Du Yeqing expressed to the First Financial Reporter. , "I personally think that the related companies have done what they did in this organization, so that this industry can develop better."

From 1G to 5G, what kind of standard is a good standard? According to Zhang Zhiwei, chief marketing officer of Ericsson Northeast Asia, “The standard that can stand the industry inspection, and finally let the industry promote it, and use it to benefit all human standards is a good standard.”

Zhang Zhiwei stated that good technologies must be used. The biggest driving force is cross-border cooperation. "If this does not exist, many commercial participants, such as operators or industries, are reluctant to invest, and they cannot be commercialized on a large scale. In fact, this is the biggest challenge to the entire 5G industry." Zhang Zhiwei said, "There are many outstanding technologies in history. The industry has not promoted it. So from a technology standpoint, it can only be called good technology."

The 5G standard will be launched in June this year and will be finalized in September. "The standard will play a role in the past," said Du Zhiqing, "receiving 4G, and better than 4G." Looking forward to the work after the launch of the 5G standard, Du Yeqing said that it was mainly landing. He said: "We want to put 5G's previously planned features to be connected, including multiple connections, within one square kilometer, and be able to connect one million objects. This is a series of technologies to be launched. Now includes Ericsson. These experts, including those working on Huawei's standards, are still discussing this aspect."

From Consumer Internet to Industrial Internet

What industries will be the first to be deployed in 5G? According to Gartner's report, the 5G application will benefit the media in addition to the three general cases including high-bandwidth applications, large-scale access to Internet of Things applications, and very short delays and high reliability applications. Key information services in the public domain, smart transportation and networking, smart medical and telesurgery, and internet of things.

Xin Kezhi, chairman of China Unicom’s wholly owned subsidiary and focused on the vehicle network business, Xin Kezhi, told Xinhua reporter: “In addition to some pilot cities, China Unicom’s 5G deployment is the most important scenario-driven. One of the particularly mature and particularly typical applications in the 5G industry. In the entire 5G deployment of China Unicom, the Industrial Internet-type scenario will take precedence, such as autonomous driving.” Xin Keqi predicted that 2020 is a key one for 5G. year. "At that time, if 5G technology is realized, all aspects of our lives will have disruptive changes," he said.

Zhang Zhiwei stated that the technology before 4G created a very brilliant Internet economy. It can be defined as the era of consumer Internet because it is centered on human-centered development; and 5G technology has opened another door, which is the era of industrial Internet. “The scale of the economic explosion that the Industrial Internet has produced is no less than that of the economies we currently consume.” Zhang Zhiwei said, “Ericsson took China’s statistics and the 5G-driven economy will reach a market value of nearly 1 trillion yuan. ”

Zhang Zhiwei predicts that in the future, digital islands of functional entities are expected to be broken, and 5G technology is connected to these digital islands. "5G can produce completely new subversion. This is the convergence of industries. The possibility of its release is enormous." Zhang Zhiwei said, "We can imagine that in the future, in the industrial Internet, especially high-end manufacturing, 5G will bring huge economic benefits. ."

Zhang Zhiwei insisted that cross-border can drive the development of the industry. “In Europe, another case Ericsson made was the manufacture of engine parts for jet aircraft.” He told the First Financial reporter: “In the past, the manufacturing price was very high and the entire project cycle lasted several months. By grafting 5G into the production system in advance, the manufacturing cycle can be drastically shortened, saving at least €27 million a year for the aircraft engine parts manufacturing plant."

In the second half of this year, Verizon, the US operator, will officially launch the application of 5G in fixed networks. Looking ahead to when 5G technology will benefit ordinary consumers, Zhang Zhiwei stated: “At the end of this year, there will be terminal commercial 5G instead of fiber-optic users in the North American market, providing high-bandwidth broadband access. The challenge for the deployment and construction of personal networks is to It is much smaller than we thought."

He believes that the current threshold is the mobile terminal. Zhang Zhiwei said: "This depends on the development of the terminal's chip technology. We predict that 5G commercial chips will be hand-held in terminal handsets in the second half of 2019. However, this depends on applications such as naked-eye 3D, or AR and VR. The application will keep pace. Therefore, we believe that the benefits of 5G technology to individual consumers will gradually increase from 2020 to 2022."

Du Yeqing is optimistic about the technical outburst caused by the combination of 5G and artificial intelligence. He said: "5G is a connection technology. According to my understanding, it should also include 5G fiber plus artificial intelligence. I think this is the two most basic technologies for the future development of the information industry."

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