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Advantages Of Optical Elements

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Optical elements after a long period of development, has formed a illuminance meter, melting point instrument, eyepiece, objective lens, Optical Components ultraviolet radiation meter, theodolite, leveling instrument, chromatic aberration meter, spectrometer, photometer, other optical elements, tool preset instrument, spectrometer, vertical instrument, night vision Instrument, imaging instrument, projector, refractometer, magnifying glass, microscope, telescope, prism, lens, filter, filter, laser level, laser rangefinder, such as a number of subcategories.

The optical element is a thin film system, so it has the advantages of light weight; Since multiple holograms can be recorded on the same film, therefore, Optical Components the holographic optical elements with overlapping space can be obtained, and the imaging characteristics vary with the wavelength, so there is a large chromatic aberration, and the advantages and disadvantages of the holographic optical elements can be seen by the above characteristics, Optical Components and it can be known that it cannot replace the general optical elements and can only be used in the optical system Usually the holographic optical element is advantageous in the case of monochromatic light or narrow spectral band.

The fixture and angle adjustment mechanism of optical elements, including outer base, inner roof, magnetic plate, magnetic block, connecting rod, vertical rod, limit column, magnet, fixing rod and moving rod. By adjusting the fixing rod and the moving rod, the roof and the bottom plate are rotated, Optical Components the roof and the bottom plate are kept in contact with the magnetic plate and the magnetic block, and the three vertical rods are separated by three connecting rods, and the optical elements can be put into different sizes. Then, under the magnetic force of the magnet, each rod is reset, and the optical element is clamped between the vertical rods to achieve the clamping function of the optical elements with different diameters and sizes. The invention is through a screw hole located on a magnet, through a threaded top-wire mechanism, The vertical bar can be moved in the waist-shaped limit through hole at the back of the bottom of the floor to realize the adjustment of three angles in the plane. Optical Components The invention adopts a magnet to realize clamping, eliminates the previous flexible hinge or spring adjusting mechanism, has simple structure, and is stable and reliable in overall structure.

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