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China Mobile Announces Guideline For 5G Terminal Products: Promoting Innovation And Maturity Of 5G Terminal Industry FROM ZKTEL

- Jul 02, 2018 -

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June 28 (Reuters) At the "Global Terminal Summit" held during the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, members of China Mobile's "5G Terminal Pioneer Program" released the "5G Terminal Product Guide." Wang Hengjiang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Terminal Co., Ltd. introduced the "5G Terminal Product Guide." The "5G Terminal Product Guide" provides in-depth analysis of the current status of 5G terminals, the four major problems that need to be overcome, and suggestions for 5G terminal technologies.

Wang Hengjiang said that consumer 5G smartphones will bring an experience upgrade. In terms of scenarios and requirements, the user can experience a rate of more than one hundred megabytes, which is about 10 times that of 4G, which can significantly enhance the mobile Internet service experience. In terms of delay, 5G end-to-end delay can be compressed to 20ms-40ms, which can meet the needs of cloud interactive applications, such as cloud games, office, AR applications. From a product and form perspective, 5G smart phones can provide a more immersive experience. There will also be a more revolutionary way of interaction that enables speech interaction, holographic projection, 3D modeling, and more. It can also enhance the specific business. Combine AI processing and video operations optimization through the cloud.

Of course, 5G consumer smart terminals will not only include smart phones. The 5G era will boost the development of multi-modal smart hardware, including CPE products and 5G PC/tablet and VR/AR products.

In addition to consumer products, 5G can also expand smart terminals Blue Ocean for three types of industry terminals. Including, basic products, general products, specific scene products. The basic products including video live broadcast, telemedicine consultation and other industrial scenarios have basic 5G network access requirements. For general-purpose products such as VR/AR and drones, they can be applied to multiple scenarios and are generic applications. Some vertical industry scenarios require the use of dedicated 5G terminals to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Wang Hengjiang said that the maturity of 5G terminals needs to overcome four major problems. First, technology route choices. First NSA/SA technology to be verified. The NSA network is dual-connected and complex. The SA network needs to be sliced to meet the diverse business needs. Second, the standard maturity. The time for the completion of the 5G standard to commercial use is tight. The functionality and flexibility of the 5G standard are much higher than 4G. It still requires a lot of work from the industrialization of standardization. Third, the difficulty of terminal design. On the chip, multi-mode multi-frequency, NSA/SA, and advanced processes are needed. At the same time, there are still many problems to be solved in terms of radio frequency and antennas as well as ICBC and heat dissipation. Fourth, the maturity of the industry chain. There are few new types of RF components, and new RF chips and devices lead to high terminal costs. Product development, testing and verification costs are high. In addition, there are no low-end solutions for the initial flagship products.

It is reported that the "5G Terminal Product Guide" is the preliminary consensus reached by the members of the "First Walker Program" on the current industry promotion strategy and product requirements. The terminal product supports the 5G multiple network architecture, the mode band requirements, and the communication functions of each mode. Technical recommendations have been made for voice solutions and product performance.

At the same time, China Mobile and 28 "5G Terminal Pioneer Program" members, including 6 mainstream chip companies, 13 mainstream terminal companies, 5 component companies, and 4 instrument companies signed cooperation memorandum, clarifying the responsibilities of all parties and urging each Implement consensus and commitment to effectively promote the development and incubation of 5G terminal industry.

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