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Clean Cleaning Of Optical Components Is Essential

- Oct 24, 2017 -

An optical element, such as a lens, an optical fiber, a plane mirror, a grating, an optoisolator, a beam splitter, a grating, and so on, for forming an optical path, optics, or optics-related instruments, devices, and the like.

The optical element includes a region of optical activity for the light beam and a conductor track (3) located in the optically active region, Optical Components wherein the conductor track has a diameter of at most 50 microns in at least a direction transverse to the incident direction of the light beam.

Optical elements are concave lens, convex lens; concave mirror, convex mirror, plane mirror; in the composition of the white light used to understand the triangle prism

If there is any dirt on the surface of the optical element, explosive evaporation will occur after laser absorption, resulting in damage to the glass or coating surface, reducing the damage threshold of the optical element, which requires a high degree of cleanliness of the optical element. Optical Components For the coating element, it is very important to ensure the high cleanliness of the front surface of the coating and reduce the impurity contaminants in the film and improve the anti-laser damage ability of the film element. Optical Components To protect the high cleanliness of the components before plating, clean cleaning of components before plating is essential. After cleaning the cleaning requirements of optical components: particulate matter pollution is not greater than 1μm particle pollution, non-volatile residue (NVR) mass concentration of less than 1μg / cm2. In order to ensure that the cleaning means of the optical components have a high efficiency and no damage to the optical components, Optical Components the use of ultrasonic cleaning optical components of the method. Ultrasonic cleaning is to promote the use of ultrasonic cleaning fluid chemical, physical reaction effects and ultrasonic cavitation effect of the mechanical force to remove pollutants. There are many factors that affect the ultrasonic cleaning effect of the optical components [1 ~ 5], involving the ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic frequency, ultrasonic power, cleaning agent selection, cleaning temperature settings, drying mode selection, optical components processed into the coating before Cleaning the length of time (referred to as component storage period) and so on.

The optical element employs multimode interference in a multi-mode fiber segment (13) having a core (1 & apos;) of an annular or tubular structure. Such an optical fiber (13) is like a flat waveguide whose core is bent into a circle around a long axis located at a distance from the core. Optical Components The optical fiber can be subjected to photo-excitation by excitation of the single-mode fiber (1 "), at a point on the annular core (1 ') or at a point near it, and then the different light propagation modes are excited, Optical Components There is some regular relationship between their phase velocities so that, for example, for a suitable length of the fiber section (13), a light intensity is obtained at the other end of the fiber section (13) An optical element can be used as a filter or a passive 1 × N coupler in which the length of the fiber segment is adjusted in the latter case So as to obtain an N-ghost of the input light intensity at the output of the fiber section

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