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Data Center Maintenance

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Network is the most important part of the data center, no network, the data center can not run, can not provide services. As we all know, the data center internal data network is still the world of Ethernet technology family, the storage network is also Fiber Channel technology dominate the party, and the data network, storage network occupies little network share, so we generally say that the data center network, often refers to Is the data network, and related to the technology is mainly Ethernet technology. But open the Ethernet technology RFC document, really shocked, thousands of standard documents, involving hundreds of standard network protocols, no one has the energy to master all the network protocols, because the amount is too much The. Data Center Why is there so many network protocols, which is the reason for the complex data center network, in order to meet the needs of a variety of business interoperability, Ethernet design a lot of standard protocols, some agreements are also obscure, such a data center Of the network is often with the deployment of business has become increasingly complex, until the most difficult to maintain, or even out of control state. Once there is a sign of trouble, the network may be paralyzed, the network has become a data center development of a heart disease, must find a way to cure Caixing. From the simple to the simple, is the development of all things the pursuit of the goal, any system, often the more simple, more efficient operation, Data Center like our computer, assembly language implementation efficiency is highest, this is because the assembly language directly on the register and memory address data To operate, and as those C language, JAVA, VC and other languages are the upper language, although we use the preparation is very convenient, easy to understand, but the computer to convert these languages to assembly language implementation, so the implementation efficiency is not high. Data center network should also be everything from simple, rather than more complex and more complex, with the most simple network to achieve application requirements. So, Data Center in the data center set off a clear network action, the network is simplified, back to the data center a clear and efficient operation of the network.

Clear network action specific how clear, should be considered from three aspects to start. First of all, in the wiring effort, the data center thousands of equipment, have to connect through the network cable in order to achieve interoperability, the data center is the most obvious that the dense network cable, connecting a variety of equipment. Some data centers just started wiring or quite rules, with the increase in business, the situation increased, chaos chaos of the situation began to increase, gradually interconnected network cable is not sorted. If a few dozens of network cable connection is also good, Data Center if hundreds of thousands of network cable is very difficult, then there must be in advance planning for the wiring to set a good slot position to prevent the emergence of private pull pull cable Happening. Have a good wiring network, for the data center is absolutely great benefits, not only day-to-day management is convenient, there are problems, troubleshooting, especially when the link failure, will greatly shorten the troubleshooting time. So, clear the network will start from the wiring to start. Second, in the network architecture efforts. The traditional network is basically composed of the core layer, convergence layer and access layer, each layer uses the network equipment capacity and quantity are different, and each level in the network equipment also connected load balancing, security equipment, NAT, DNS, etc. A variety of functional equipment, Data Center network connectivity has become more complex. There are access layer, there are hundreds of network equipment, connection relationship is complicated, all kinds of private places have occurred, so the network architecture must be simplified. Site advocacy of two levels of network architecture, that is, only the core layer and access layer, while eliminating the three-tier network, even if the core equipment is only done two forwarding, the core layer only export router to do three-tier routing, the internal is a big Layer 2 network, all servers directly through the two-tier implementation, Data Center so that the virtual machine can be achieved on the virtual machine migration, not like many data centers through the deployment of various tunnels or encapsulation protocol to achieve, not only increase network complexity, but also reduce the data Forwarding efficiency. Network architecture is simplified, you can also greatly save the interconnection of the network cable, which also reduces the workload of wiring, wiring becomes easy, so the simplicity of the architecture to bring the benefits of many aspects of the network architecture from the simple. The third to work hard in the network protocol. Above mentioned Ethernet protocol type too much, in a data center to deploy more than a dozen network protocols are common, log any network device to view the configuration, there may be thousands of complex, to fully grasp the use of these agreements And the use of data centers need to invest a lot of manpower. Complex protocols also increase the complexity of the network, the network becomes unreliable, or even out of control, so to simplify from the network protocol. Network architecture, if the realization of the two-tier Internet, the network protocol will become simple, especially since the software defined network appears, through the controller issued by the flow table, which can greatly reduce the use of network protocols, network equipment as long as passive Underground metering table can complete the data center equipment interoperability, a protocol can get the network. Of course, some of the link detection protocol, monitoring protocol, equipment, running the status of the agreement is still necessary, these agreements are not complicated, it is also possible to retain part of the network action will not take these agreements into account, mainly on the forwarding class Protocol is simplified. Imagine hundreds of millions of routing, thousands of ARP, the network is difficult to maintain the shock, the hair flow table is not the same, you can manage through the software controller, the network equipment from the protocol management freed, Let network equipment focus on the forwarding of hardware data. From the wiring, architecture or network protocol to clear the network, you can simplify the data center network, improve network forwarding and maintenance efficiency. The three are also mutual influence, to enhance a certain aspect of the other two aspects will have a positive impact, Data Center so that we must start from three aspects at the same time, network simplification can do more thoroughly.

Data center carrying strong business demand growth, network development encountered a bottleneck. In order to deploy a variety of business, the network was built very complex, seriously affecting the scale of network development. The network should not be more complicated with the scale of the expansion of the network construction should be like a wall, as long as there are bricks, built 100 meters or 10,000 meters of the wall, but more use of some bricks, longer length, and Will not increase the complexity of construction and use. The expansion of the network scale should not be based on the premise of increasing complexity, the larger the network structure should be more simplified. Only in this way, the size of the data center can be expanded to support more business needs, let us open the data center clear network action bar.

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