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Definition Of SFP

- Aug 03, 2017 -

An SFP is an interface device that converts a gigabit electrical signal into a light one.

Design can be used for hot-swappable. Video SFP is an interchangeable product conforming to international standards. The gigabit switch designed with the Gbic interface is flexible and has a large market share in the market. SFP (small form-factor pluggable) can be simply understood as an upgraded version of the Gbic.

What is an SFP?

What types/Types of SFP are there? the definition of SFP; The SFP module is less than half the size of the Gbic module, only the thumb. Video SFP You can configure more than 1 time times the number of ports on the same panel. Other features of the SFP are basically consistent with the GBIC light modules. Some switch vendors call SFP modules Miniature Gbic (mini-gbic). Types/Types of SFP: Classification by Rate: 155M/622M/1.25g/2.125g/4.25g/8g/10g, 155M and 1.25G market. According to Wavelength: there is 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1490nm/1530nm/1610nm, wavelength of 850nm for SFP multimode, transmission distance below 2KM, wavelength is 1310/1550nm for single-mode, Video SFP transmission distance in 2KM above, relatively speaking, the price of these three wavelengths is cheaper than the other three kinds. 2. What are the characteristics and advantages of SFP? Digital diagnostic function with Electrothermal plug (DDM) low-cost miniaturization reliability High SFP is indeed the highest market share in the present

3. How much power is the SFP? Gigabit General 1W around; + million trillion general 1. $number. 5w; XFP million short distance of 1.5-2w, Long distance 3.5w; 100G according to the package, generally 3.5-9w. 4. Where is the SFP used? There are optical modules where there is fiber, and SFP is commonly used in routers, switches, optical transceivers, Video SFP optical terminals and base stations. 5. What are the precautions for the use of SFP? When taking the light module, do not touch the gold finger portion of the SFP to avoid damage to the SFP. When inserting an SFP, make sure that the handle of the SFP is affixed to the SFP's light port and then inserted, Video SFP and that if the SFP is just removed, do not unplug the light inlet dust Plug and insert it directly. When the SFP is unplugged, the fiber line is pulled out, the handle is pulled and the light mouth is about 90 degrees after the position is slowly pulled out, the pull-out cannot be too hard or the handle is unplugged, it may cause damage to the SFP shielding cover. 6. Can I use SFP power modules in + slots? The SFP can run in the + slot, but the + light module cannot run in an SFP slot. + ports typically do not support speeds below 1G. In other words, we cannot insert 100BASESFP on the + port. In fact, to a large extent, Video SFP it depends on the switch model, for example, almost all the + ports of the Cisco switch can support SFP, and many + ports of the brocade switch support only +. Although it is often feasible, it requires that the information provided by the switch vendor be more secure

SFP is a 155M and Gigabit 1.25G Optical fiber products, Video SFP XFP optical module belongs to the million-gigabit fiber products, from the rate is not to butt. If the optical fiber link both sides of the optical module is a gigabit rate, such as one side is +, side is xfp words. and the same parameters (transmission distance is the same, wavelength, such as 10km or 40km, 80km, wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm, etc.), you can directly connect the communication.

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