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Emirates Telecom And Ericsson Conduct Massive MIMO Trials To Pave The Way For 5G Deployment FROM ZKTEL

- Aug 01, 2018 -

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According to foreign media reports, Etisalat has teamed up with Ericsson to successfully conduct live trials of Ericsson Radio System (ERS) and Massive MIMO technology in the UAE, paving the way for 5G deployment.

As one of Ericsson's key NR technologies, Massive MIMO has enabled Etisalat to introduce the Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR) 6468 on its network. With advanced NR Radio and baseband (5G ready) and the latest 5G plug-in software, Etisalat has been able to test the benefits of Massive MIMO technology in real-world environments.

Saeed Al Zarouni, senior vice president of mobile networks at Etisalat, said: "As a global pioneer in telecommunications services, Etisalat UAE is pleased to work with Ericsson again to conduct live network trials of new ERS with Massive MIMO technology capabilities. These newly developed cutting-edge 5G plug-ins We will further enhance our customers' experience on the wireless network platform in the near future. Our latest partnership with Ericsson strengthens our commitment to provide 5G services to the community as early as possible. These plugins will be the key UAE smart government strategic pillars. (such as artificial intelligence) paving the way."

The trial was conducted in a dense and high-traffic urban environment in Dubai Marina. This is the ideal environment for testing and deploying Massive MIMO. This test helps to assess the benefits of the technology and determine the best deployment scenario.

Nishant Batra, head of Ericsson's product regional network, said: "Ericsson is committed to being a global 5G leader, enabling our customers to take advantage of the new technology. The network speed will be faster than ever, which will significantly improve the end user experience. We In the past 2G/3G/4G era, we have cooperated with Etisalat, so we are very happy to take our partnership to a new level through the early deployment of 5G."

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