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Fiber Optic Transceiver Solutions

- Dec 12, 2014 -

With the rapid development of information on the Internet, people are increasingly high bandwidth requirements, the connecting role in the traditional media are mainly Ethernet twisted pair. Limit twisted pair transmission distance is around 100 meters, so a short transmission distance restricted the development of the network, which will undoubtedly make the data communication quality is affected. The use of fiber optic transceivers, Ethernet connections in exchange for fiber optic media. Low-loss optical fiber, high resistance to electromagnetic interference, when the network transmission distance extended from 200 meters to 2 kilometers or even tens of kilometers, and even hundreds of kilometers, but also make the data communication quality has been greatly improved. He makes servers, interconnected repeaters, hubs, terminals and terminal between the more simple.

In practical applications, fiber optic transceivers are the following three basic connection:

First, the user access network

Users access network utilizing fiber optic transceivers with network management functions, and can be centrally managed for each user point dispersion, fiber optic transceiver 10Mbps / 100Mbps adaptive and 10Mbps / 100Mbps auto-conversion feature, to provide users with enough bandwidth. You can also make use of link failure alarm (LFA) function, in the point to point transmission monitor each other instead of centralized network management function, reduce access costs, while taking advantage of half / full duplex adaptive and half / full duplex auto conversion function, you can configure the client cheap half-duplex HUB, several times the client's network costs and improve the competitiveness of network operators.

Second, the ring backbone

Ring backbone network using SPANNING TREE characteristics within the metropolitan area to build the backbone, this structure can be deformed into a network structure, suitable for high-density area in the center of the metropolitan area, forming the core backbone network fault tolerance. Ring backbone support for IEEE.1Q and ISL network characteristics, can guarantee compatibility with the vast majority of mainstream VLAN backbone network, such as cross-switches, TRUNK and other functions. Ring backbone network for financial, government, education and other sectors to form a broadband VPN.

Third, the chain-shaped backbone

Chain-shaped backbone network use chain-shaped backbone connection can save a lot of amount of light, suitable for suburban area at the edge and the respective construct low-cost high-bandwidth backbone network of the city, while the model can be used for highways, oil, transmission line environments. Chain-shaped backbone support for IEEE802.1Q and ISL network characteristics, can ensure compatibility with the vast majority of the backbone network, broadband virtual private network can be set up for the financial, government, education and other industries. Chain-shaped backbone network can provide images, voice, data and real-time monitoring integrated transmission of multimedia networks.

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