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Guangxun Technology Invested 1.02 Billion To Focus On 100G Digital Light Module(1)

- Dec 26, 2018 -

December 26th news (Shui Yi) Recently, Guangxun Technology announced that the company's application for non-public offering of shares was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is understood that the number of non-public offerings is no more than 129,260,150 shares, and the total amount of funds raised is not expected to exceed 1,200 million yuan (inclusive). The raised funds are 820 million yuan for the high-speed optical transceiver module capacity expansion project for data communication. 200 million yuan is used to supplement working capital.

According to the previous announcement of Guangxun Technology, the total investment of the high-speed optical transceiver module capacity expansion project for data communication is 102,280,370 yuan, of which construction investment is 896,146,700 yuan, and the initial working capital is 126,609,900 yuan. The project is planned to be implemented in the company's existing plant, equipped with 2,203 sets of equipment for 100 Gb/s optical components and optical transceiver module packaging manufacturing and high-speed testing. The total number of new technology, production and management personnel is 289, which will be formed after production. The target production capacity is an annual output of 808,900 100Gb/s optical modules.

The rapid growth of traffic has driven the rapid growth in demand for Internet infrastructure such as data centers. With the rapid growth of network traffic, the demand for bandwidth in data centers is also increasing. The development of 100Gb/s high-speed optical transceiver module technology is the most critical part of data center expansion.

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