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How To Distinguish Between Single-fiber Transceivers And Dual-fiber Transceivers?(2)

- Dec 24, 2018 -

How to distinguish between single-fiber transceivers and dual-fiber transceivers?

When the optical transceiver is embedded in the optical transceiver, the optical transceiver is divided into a single-fiber transceiver and a dual-fiber transceiver according to the number of cores of the connected optical fiber jumpers. The linearity of the fiber jumper connected to the single-fiber transceiver is a core, which is responsible for transmitting data and receiving data; and the fiber jumper connected to the dual-fiber transceiver has two cores, wherein One core is responsible for transmitting data and the other core is responsible for receiving data. When the optical transceiver does not have an embedded optical module, it needs to distinguish whether it is a single-fiber transceiver or a dual-fiber transceiver according to the inserted optical module. When a single-fiber bidirectional optical module is inserted into the optical transceiver, that is, the interface is a simplex type, the optical transceiver is a single-fiber transceiver; when the optical transceiver is inserted into a dual-fiber bidirectional optical module, the interface is dual This type of transceiver is a dual-fiber transceiver.

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