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Improve Maintenance Efficiency, High-precision Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer To Help National Information Construction FROM ZKTEL

- Jul 18, 2018 -

There is a news frow ZKTEL. ZKTEL is a company which produce 5G products, which including 10G AOC SFP+ production; 40G AOC QSFP+ production; SFP28 SR/LR production; SFP+ SR production; QSFP28 SR4; QSFP28 LR4 and so on. The prices of ZKTEL products is very competitive. Welcome to visit our websites, connect with our customer serviece, we will provide yours best service!

With the promotion of the national “Broadband China” program, the fiber optic cable market has shown a spurt growth in recent years. According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of fiber access ports reached 657 million, accounting for 84.4% from 75.5% at the end of last year. In the past five years, the average annual growth rate of China's fiber optic cable market reached 17.4%. As one of the core instruments for the construction and maintenance of optical networks, the performance of optical fiber fusion splicers affects the data transmission and operation costs of optical networks, and the role of the “Broadband China” strategy is self-evident.

In 2018, for the fiber optic cable market, it will be a rapid outbreak. In addition to traditional market demand such as telecommunications, cable TV, and housing, the development of Internet of Things and 5G technology has driven related sensors, Internet of Things, and Ultra HD. New demands such as video streaming.

The industry is good, the optical fiber fusion splicer market is welcoming new opportunities and challenges

Along with the surge in demand in the fiber optic cable market, it has brought new opportunities to its related industrial chain enterprises, especially in the segmented markets such as fiber optic cable and fiber fusion splicer, which will usher in greater business opportunities.

Opportunities and challenges always coexist. For the optical fiber fusion splicer market, there are dozens of brands in the domestic market, and they are competing for “policy dividends”. The competition in the market tends to become hot. With the opening of a new round of collections by the three major operators in China, the manufacturers of optical fiber fusion splicers have also begun to show their brilliance and compete for the share of operators.

Grab the market, the positioning of the fiber fusion splicer is crucial

The optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of optical cables in optical communication. Therefore, it is also called the optical cable fusion splicer. Its working principle is to use the high-voltage arc to melt the two fiber sections while gently advancing with high-precision motion mechanism to fuse the two fibers into one. To achieve the coupling of the fiber mode field.

According to different alignment methods, the fiber fusion splicer can be divided into two types: cladding alignment and core alignment. Compared with the cladding alignment, the core alignment fusion splicer is equipped with a precision six-motor core mechanism. Specially designed optical lens and software algorithm can accurately identify the type of fiber and automatically select the matching welding mode to ensure the quality of welding, higher technical content and higher price. Recently, Sumitomo Electric's high-precision optical fiber fusion splicer TYPE-82C was launched, which uses a core alignment type.

Listening to market demands, new high-precision optical fiber fusion splicer TYPE-82C


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