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Japan Proposes Post 5G Strategy From ZKTEL

- Jul 07, 2018 -

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According to reports, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan announced a strategic plan for the use of radio waves as envisioned in the 2030s. In the era after the entry into the ultra-high-speed communication standard "5G", Japan has to ensure a frequency bandwidth of 110 GHz (1 G = 1 billion) in order to push the communication standard that is more than 1000 times faster than the existing mobile communication. Japan will promote the development of new technologies such as fully automated driving and wireless transmission, and expand the scale of the radio-related industry to 112 trillion yen by 2040, which is three times the current level.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will present a plan at the Symposium for People of Knowledge held on July 5. As a strategy to address population decline and ageing through wireless technology, the content of the symposium will be included in the final report summarized in August. This move has the purpose of prescribing the future of radio wave utilization and leading the discussion on the development of international standards for frequency.

As one of the revolutionary radio wave systems to be realized in the 2030s, Japan proposed "Beyond 5G". It is estimated that the speed of the 5th generation communication standard "5G" put into use in mobile terminals in 2020 will reach 100 times that of current mobile communication, and the movie with a duration of 2 hours can be downloaded within 3 seconds. The transmission capacity of the next generation of technology is expected to reach 10 times that of 5G.

The plan clearly proposes the vision of the society in the 2030s, such as the automation of land, sea and air transportation, and wireless power transmission that can be wirelessly powered in various places, and sorts out the frequency, technology development, and economic effects required in various fields. For example, regarding fully autonomous driving, it is assumed that a bandwidth of 30 GHz is required, and it is predicted that the congestion loss of 4-5 trillion yen can be reduced every year.

To achieve the above strategy, it is necessary to ensure a larger frequency bandwidth than the 90 GHz currently in use in Japan. It is planned to newly use 110 GHz radio waves, of which about 30 GHz is the part that is spared after the integration of some of the used radio waves.

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