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Low Cost Solution For GPON ONU

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Recently, FTTx is more and more popular. The cost is really a big issue for most of the system integrated company like Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome and ASB. For the small competitors, they also got a lot of orders about the ONU, but they loose the money due to the high cost solution.

ZKTel is focused on the low cost solution for GPON and EPON, after almost 1 year design, these days, ZKTel announced to design a new solution for low cost EPON and GPON ONU. They called this product as GPON ONU BAM(BOSA attached module), which can replace current markets' GPON ONU module, it's PIN to PIN compatible. For the most of the company who want to do the BoB job, this BAM has a lot of advantages, like:

1. Pin to Pin compatible with current transceiver design.

2. Don't need to add any test equipment

3. same process as current module design

4. low cost compared to current GPON ONU or EPON ONU transceiver design.

5. high yield and high performance.

with these adavantages, ZKTel's low cost GPON ONU BAM is very popular and most of the customers want to get the samples and the result shows very well. Some of them already verified it and their GPON ONU products uses ZKTel's BAM shipped to the market a lot.

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