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Metropolitan Area Network Architecture For 5G Optimization - EU Perspectives From ZKTEL

- May 25, 2018 -

5/9/2018, Horizon 2020 The EU-Haul Project (Metropolitan Project) announced today the successful holding of the Third General Assembly. More than 50 participants from 21 countries and 8 countries in the EU attended the plenary meeting with positive results hosted by Coriant last month in Lisbon, Portugal.

The conference emphasized the practical significance of achieving access and metropolitan area convergence and building a suitable architecture for future metropolitan area networks. It discussed the key roles of storage, computing and virtual functions, and identified flexible and flexible optical nodes supporting future 5G requirements. Delegates also had a lively and fruitful discussion on how different manufacturers' transponders were configured and used under the unified data model.


Emilio Riccardi from Italian telecom operator TIM said that the goals of the Metro-Haul project are ambitious but realistic for 5G requirements. Their goal is to be 100 times larger than the current MAN network capacity, 10 times smaller power consumption, support low-delay services, support end-to-end SDN management, can achieve rapid networking, reduce OPEX more than 20% of the new metropolitan area network, in Metro - Under the Haul project, equipment manufacturers and operators are working closely together and are actively advancing toward these goals.


Under the Metro-Haul program, there are now more than 90 independent academic papers published or ready for publication. There are only 23 articles on OFC this year, including papers, invitations to visit, and forums.

Carlos Ferreira, National Manager of Coriant Portugal, said that with the support of industry leaders and academic institutions, the Metro-Haul project has made positive progress for the industry to understand the demand for metropolitan area network architectures under emerging 5G applications. Coriant was very proud to host this meeting. The growth of bandwidth traffic in the MAN has brought urgency to customers. The Metro-Haul project is an invaluable treasure trove of 5G architecture, technology, and use cases.


Founded in mid-2017, the Metro-Haul project was funded by 7.7 million euros in the EU Horizon 2020 project. The goal of this project is to build an intelligent optical metropolitan area network architecture that supports traffic management from different 5G access networks, and is committed to addressing future traffic growth and low-latency, low-jitter changes in demand.

Coincidentally, today in Beijing, sponsored by Communication World Magazine, there is also a seminar on 5G bearer networks. According to the speech made by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Technology and Standards, Xintong University, there are currently three typical 5G bearer networks in the industry, SPN (Sliced Packet Network), M-OTN, and IP RAN. SPN adopts innovative chip Ethernet technology and transmission-oriented segmentation routing technology, and integrates optical layer DWDM technology. M-OTN uses optimized OTN technology. The IP RAN implements network hard slicing based on the OIF FLexE interface and uses SR tunneling and L3VPN to implement network soft slicing. According to Dr. Li Wei, deputy director of the China Mobile Network Technology Research Institute, SPN can achieve 10 times enhancement of large bandwidth, 10 times lower delay, single-bit cost reduction of 10 times, and similar to the EU's goal from the target.

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